Quick Overview:

Supplier Set Up Instructions:

1. Head over to Carro in your Sales Channel section of Shopify.

2. Click on the "Set Up" button under "Supply".

3. Fill out your contact information.

4. Set your revenue split. Need help? Check out this article.

5. Connect an existing or create a new Stripe account so you can get paid out instantly for Carro orders.

6. Choose between Open Access vs Curated Access. Need help? Check out this article.

7. Approve the Free Carro subscription.

8. The Shopify Store Owner must approve the subscription from Shopify.

9. Update your Carro permissions.

10 The Shopify Store Owner must approve the update from Shopify.

11. Choose which products you make available to the Carro network. Need help? Check out this article.

12. Your supplier profile is now complete, you're ready to supply to the Carro network.

NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for your listing to be created. You can always view your listing by searching for your brand or by going to your supplier settings tab. After your profile is created, you should monitor your email and Carro inbox to see if retailers are interested in adding your products.

Here's a Few Tips:

1. If you chose Curated Access, make sure to keep an eye on your Requests tab and Email inbox for pending partner requests.

2. Add your Fulfillment Times and Return Policy to your profile so retailers know what to expect when partnering with your store and what to convey to their customers.

3. Suppliers that offer 25%+ have the greatest chance of attracting retailers. If under, most retailers will choose not to work with you, even if your products are the perfect fit.

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