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Supplier Fulfillment Times
Supplier Fulfillment Times

Suppliers can share their fulfillment times with Retailers in the Carro directory.

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Quick Overview:

In Carro, we define Fulfillment Time as the time it takes for a supplier to receive an order and ship it.

Suppliers can list Fulfillment Times on their directory listing for new and existing retail partners to view, enabling retailers to know what to expect when partnering with your store and convey that to their customers.

Insider tip! Suppliers that list their fulfillment times have a higher chance of new retailers wanting to partner.

For Suppliers: How to Set Your Fulfillment Times

1. Click on the "gear" icon on the left-hand navigation column.

2. Click on "Supplier" under the Settings title.

3. Select your Fulfillment Time from the dropdown menu options.

4. Click "Update".

5. Complete!

For Retailers: Here's a Few Tips

1. If a Supplier has shared their fulfillment time, it'll be visible in the upper left corner of the Supplier's directory page. (Find their page by searching the "Directory" tab for the Supplier's name.) If this info isn't readily available on Carro, reach out to your Supplier contact — listed on your "Partners" tab from the left-hand navigation column.

2. Check fulfillment times before going live with a new partnership to ensure that fulfillment times line up with your own. That way, you and your customers are aligned on fulfillment expectations.

3. If the partner's fulfillment times vary from your standard times, we recommend that you let your customers know by including it on the product page.

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