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What is the Requests Tab?
What is the Requests Tab?

How to review and accept partnership requests.

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Quick Overview

Quick Overview:

The Requests tab is a hub that allows you to manage your brand's sent and received partnership requests.

Here's how to navigate to the requests tab:

1. Click on the "chat bubble" icon on the left-hand navigation column.

For Suppliers:

In Requests for access - Received, view inbound requests from retailers who want to add your products to their store. Each request contains their primary contact information, a quick Q&A on why/how they want to partner with you, and partnership requirements.

Retailers can set expiration dates for their requests, so make sure to stay on top of your pending requests.

When you're ready to approve, click "Approve retailer". Carro will send an email to your new partner, prompting them to begin adding your products to their store.

If this retailer isn't a good fit for your store, click "Not now". If you change your mind, you can always approve them later.

For Retailers:

In Requests for access - Sent, see all requests you've sent to suppliers and their status.

Once approved by a supplier, you'll receive an email from Carro. You can begin adding products from their catalog by clicking "Add products".

Here's a Few Tips:

1. If there's a dot over the "chat bubble" icon, that means there's an update waiting for you. Requests expire, so stay on top of your pending requests!

2. Suppliers, don't hesitate to reach out to the retailer with questions if you need additional information before approving. The requester's contact information is shared with you in the Requests tab.

3. Suppliers, always take action on these requests, even if you're replying "not now". This shows respect for the retailer's time and allows them to move on to new suppliers.

4. After being approved, you can find your new partner and all of their relative info in your Partners tab (the "handshake" icon).

5. Suppliers, you can elect to auto-approve requests from retailers instead of reviewing each request.

6. Need help finding brands to partner with? Send us a message to learn more about the Brand Pairing services we provide.

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