This is the percentage of the sale that you would like to offer to the retailers who sell your products. Each time one of your products sells, they'll get to keep this percentage of the sale.

Remember, Carro takes 5%, the remaining 95% are split between you and your partner.

You are able to set the commission you offer to retailers. Retailers can see the revenue split that you are offering on your brand's directory page.

For example:

25% to Retailer

70% to Supplier

+5% to Carro


100% of the sale

So if a $100 product sells through your partnership, the retailer would receive $25, Carro would receive $5, and you would keep the other $70 as the supplier.

What should my revenue split be?

When you set up your initial setup, you'll see the following page:

We've given you a slider so that you can see what revenue splits are most common. We recommend staying within the green area in order to provide an enticing amount for your retailer partners and to select a percentage that is common with our other suppliers using Carro.

The typical percentage offered to retailers is 25-45%

When do I decide on my revenue split?

Your revenue splits are decided when you first complete your supplier onboarding and setup. Before you can start a partnership, you'll need to complete this initial setup.

What if I change my revenue split?

You can update your revenue split at any time in your Brand Partnerships settings. However, this does not retroactively apply to existing partnerships or sales. It will only apply to future partnerships with retailers.

Can I set different revenue splits for different partners?

Yes, however, only if you're on our "Growth" plan.

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