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Supplier Return Policy
Supplier Return Policy

Suppliers can add their Return Policy to their directory listing.

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Quick overview:

Suppliers can add a link to their Return Policy on their directory listing for existing and potential retail partners to reference and share with their customers.

Insider Tip: Suppliers that link their return policy have a higher chance of new retailers wanting to partner.

For Suppliers: How to Share Your Return Policy

1. Navigate to Settings - click on the "gear" icon on the left-hand navigation column.

2. Select the supplier tab.

3. Scroll to the Return Policy section. Either paste a link to your Return Policy or select "We do not accept returns."

4. Click "Save".

5. Complete!

For Retailers: Here's a Few Tips

1. If a Supplier has shared their return policy, it'll be in the upper right corner of the Supplier's directory page. (Find their page by searching the "Directory" tab for the Supplier's name.) If this info isn't readily available on Carro, reach out to your Supplier contact β€” listed on your "Partners" tab from the left-hand navigation column.

2. Retailers should always review a supplier's return policy before going live.

3. As a retailer, we recommend that you include your partner's return policy on the product page for your customers to see.

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