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Here's where you can manage your company information: contact, name, domain, about, socials, and return policy.

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How to Find Your Profile Settings:

Click on the "Gear" icon in the left-hand navigation column.

Contact Information:

During onboarding, Carro asks for five different points of contact at your company. These contacts are shared with all of your approved partners, making it easy for them to get into contact with the right person on your team. You can add and edit from your profile settings at any time.

It's important that your contact information is completely filled out and up to date. That way, you never miss any critical messages from your partners and or the Carro team.

Point of contact: Requests for partnerships and general questions about your account.

Brand partnerships: Questions about partnership requests and active partners.

Customer service: Questions about refunds and returns.

Marketing: Questions about running campaigns to promote network products.

Finance: Questions about billing and accounting.

Brand Name:

By default, your name in the Carro network will match the name listed in Shopify. However, you can set a custom name unique from your Shopify.


Your website is attached to your profile, making it easier for retailers and suppliers to find your store. By default, your domain in the Carro network will match what's listed in Shopify. However, you can set a custom domain unique from your Shopify.

Brand Info

This is an opportunity for you to share more information about your brand with potential partners. Merchants who include information about their brand receive much higher approval ratings versus the ones that don't.

Social Profiles

Add your social profiles so Carro can easily share your socials with prospecting and existing partners.

Return Policy

Add a link to your Return Policy for existing and potential retail partners to reference and share with their customers.

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