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Revenue Split Proposals
Revenue Split Proposals

How to submit and manage revenue split negotiations!

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Quick Overview:

Before establishing a partnership, retailers can propose a custom revenue split with the supplier. Suppliers have the option to accept, deny, or counter the proposal.

How to Manage Revenue Split Proposals:

From the supplier partnership request form, retailers have the option to accept the default revenue split, or request a higher or lower revenue split:

Note: This feature does not apply to existing partnerships or Open Access suppliers. To update revenue splits with existing partners, please see the directions here.

Once a retailer submits their partnership request with a custom revenue split proposal, the supplier is notified via email. From the supplier's Requests tab, they can view the partnership request, including the custom revenue split proposal.

The supplier can either approve, deny, or send a counteroffer (with an optional note):

When retailers receive counter offers, they can also choose to approve, counter back again (with an optional note), or cancel the request:

If either the first submission is approved or a counteroffer, both the retailer and the supplier will be notified via email ($CHA-CHING$). The partnership will also appear in both party's Partners tab.

From your Partners tab, you can always review existing partnerships to see if you have previously negotiated a custom revenue split with that partner. Look for the hand-shake badge in the partnership cell:

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