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What is Brand Pairing?
What is Brand Pairing?

What does a brand pairing specialist provide?

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What value does the Brand Pairing Specialist provide?

Our Brand Pairing Specialists work with top Shopify brands every week to determine which brands will make the best partners for your store.

The partnership suggestions are based on:

  • Your input

  • Data-driven analytics

  • Audience overlap

  • Influencer overlap

As a retailer adding products to your store, you can expect:

  • Quality product recommendations that your customers are likely already buying.

  • Strategic recommendations on how to merchandise the products in your store.

As a supplier looking to sell your products in other stores, you can expect:

  • A list of potential retailers looking to sell products like yours.

  • A list of other brands that potentially want to offer products like yours.

Brand pairing is available as part of the Growth+ package. Find more about our subscription plans here.

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