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For Suppliers, How to Create Sale Events.
For Suppliers, How to Create Sale Events.

Schedule sales with your retail partners.

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โ€‹Quick Overview
โ€‹How to create a Sale Event

Quick Overview:

Using the sale event tool, suppliers can create a scheduled discount period for specified partnerships. This allows suppliers to set up special time-based promotions with their Carro partners.

Suppliers have full control over the event - select partnerships to participate in the sale, set the pricing rules for your products, and schedule a specific time period for the sale.

During that scheduled sale period, your retailers will be allowed, but not required, to discount within your selected parameters. Once the sale is over, your price rules will revert to your defaults, so you can rest easy knowing your prices are consistent across your network.

How to create a Sale Event

Watch or read below:

1. Go to the Products Tab: Click on the "box" icon on the left-hand navigation column.

2. Select By Partnership.

3. Select the partners you would like to have in the promotion, then click the "Add to Sale Event" button.

4. If you have an existing unscheduled sale event created, you may add the selected partner(s) to it. Otherwise, click "Create new sale event".

5. Name your event, choose your date & time, confirm included partners, and manage your product price rules.

6. Confirm your event. Please note - Once the event is scheduled you will not be able to make changes and all participating retailers will be notified via email immediately. Events can be canceled at any time.

7. View and manage your sale events from the Sale Events tab.

8. Complete.


Can I cancel an event?

Yes, you can cancel an event at any time, even if it's active. However, it's strongly discouraged to cancel an active event, as it will immediately undo any sale prices on your retailer's stores.

Can a retailer be in more than one overlapping sale with the same supplier?

Currently, no. In the future, we will support this.

Will my retail partners be notified when my sale event is scheduled?

Yes, any retailers that you include in your event will be notified via email when you schedule the event. The email will include your store's name, the details of the sale event, and instructions on how to take advantage of the sale event.

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