During the supplier onboarding and setup, suppliers can choose between auto-approving retail partners and manually approving partners. But, what's the difference?

Auto-approval - A retailer can begin adding your products to their store right away and doesn't need you to approve them. This is the fastest way to get new sales and your products could appear on any brand's site that uses Carro.

Manual approval - The supplier will need to review and approve each request before the retailer can begin selling products in their store. This is the best option for suppliers who don't want their products carried everywhere but instead want to work with only a select group of retailers.

As a supplier, should I pick auto-approval or manual?

The choice is ultimately yours if you want to auto-approve or manually approve your retailer partners. You should determine your goals as a supplier when making this decision. If you want distribution to as many stores as possible, then auto-approval will make it easy for retailers to carry your products on their own stores. If you only want to work with partners that you've thoroughly vetted first, then you'll want to select the manual approval option.

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