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Every order generated through Carro will be tagged one of two ways, depending on if you are acting as the Retailer or the Supplier.

As a Retailer, when your customer places an order for a Supplier's product on your store, it will appear in your normal Shopify orders queue, and be tagged with "Carro Supplier - *Partner Name*".

Shopify provides the option to filter orders by tags, making it easy to identify orders generated through Carro.

Supplier Order Information:

The Supplier's order information is included in the "Additional Details" section.

The customer's information is shared with the Supplier in order for the Supplier to fulfill the order. As a retailer, your portion of the order is complete.

Fulfillment Updates:

When the Supplier makes order updates, the order status will sync back to the Retailer's store. For example, once the Supplier fulfills the order and adds tracking, the order will appear as fulfilled with a tracking link in the Retailer's Shopify.

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