*Example revenue payout, based on a 30/65% rev split set by the Supplier Partner.

Carro receives 5% of the sale as a usage fee for enabling the partnership between the Retailer and Supplier and managing the order and fund transfers between parties.

Suppliers set the percentage of revenue they will share with their Retailers. In the example above, the Supplier is offering a 30% revenue share for Retailers that sell the Supplier’s product.

When a transaction occurs, Carro will debit the Retailer for the Supplier’s portion (65%), which is immediately transferred to the Supplier's bank account via Stripe. At the end of the Retailer’s Shopify billing cycle, they will also be debited for Carro's usage fee (5%), leaving them with the original agreed-upon revenue split (30%).

Detailed illustration of how money moves through Carro x Stripe Direct, including all fees:

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