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What Emails are Sent to Customers, and by who?
What Emails are Sent to Customers, and by who?

How do tracking, shipping, and refund notifications work for partner orders?

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All Shopify emails that are normally sent to a customer will come from the Retailer. Carro automatically suppresses Supplier Shopify emails.

For example, order confirmation, shipping updates, and order refunds will all come from the Retailer's Shopify email.

If it's a mixed cart (Retailer + Supplier product, OR multiple Supplier products), the customer will receive multiple notifications from the Retailer with shipping information.

IMPORTANT: Some Suppliers send order confirmation/marketing emails using Klaviyo or other 3rd party apps. If the Supplier is using a 3rd party email platform, the Supplier may need to set up a trigger to suppress those emails. Click HERE for instructions and more information.

Below is an example of a Retailer confirmation email for a Supplier's product:

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