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How Do We Know Our Data Is Safe?
How Do We Know Our Data Is Safe?

Privacy & security of your data.

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We take data privacy and security very seriously, that's why 34,000 Shopify brands, including over 1,000 Shopify+ brands, trust us.

Our policy is that we do not sell or share data with any other entity, and this is reflected directly in our privacy policy. Furthermore, we abide by Shopify’s requirement of deleting all store data within 30 days of them notifying us of an uninstall.

Regarding data security, we take appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect personal information, including the use of secure databases and data encryption.

For a detailed explanation of our data uses, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of service.

We are also a certified Shopify Plus Partner and GDPR compliant.

Questions about what permissions Carro needs and why? Please refer to THIS ARTICLE.

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