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What Permissions Does Carro Need and Why?
What Permissions Does Carro Need and Why?

What permissions do you grant to Carro for Brand Partnerships, and why?

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View Shopify account data - We utilize this information to represent you accurately in our Directory, and to maintain your brand's information.

Edit products - We copy over products from suppliers to retailers seamlessly and keep all information (i.e. inventory + shipping) in sync.

Edit orders - We create orders on the supplier side for the retailers who sell their product, and update those order's information (so that both the retailer and supplier can easily reference the same order).

Edit your Online Store - We provide direct linking to supplier products.

Edit customers - We utilize this information to create an order on the supplier side so they know where to ship the product.

Edit other data - We provide Shopify admin messaging to assist with any issues that require immediate attention.

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