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What is Kept in Sync Between the Retailer and Supplier Store?
What is Kept in Sync Between the Retailer and Supplier Store?

Syncing inventory, product images/descriptions, and prices.

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Inventory is synced automatically between the supplier and the retailer. If the supplier sells out then this would be reflected in the retailer's store.

By default, there's also a stock buffer of 5 in place for all partnerships. Carro checks the supplier's inventory levels every hour and displays products as "out of stock" on the retailer's site when inventory sells down to 5 units to avoid overselling.

If you would like to adjust the stock buffer, please reach out to the Carro support team to increase or decrease it.

Product Prices:

By default, prices are kept in sync unless otherwise agreed upon with your partner. To learn more, click HERE.


Product Images + Descriptions:

Once a retailer adds supplier products to their store, the images and descriptions will not sync with any edits made by the supplier. Meaning, if the supplier updates the product's description or images, it will not change anything in the retailer's store.

We do this to give retailers the freedom to edit images and descriptions to fit their store's theme/look, without overriding their changes.

There are a few ways to get updated assets -

1. The Retailer can delete and re-add the products through Carro.

2. The Supplier can send the Retailer the materials and the Supplier can update the products manually.

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