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How do I Launch a Partner's Product on my Site?
How do I Launch a Partner's Product on my Site?

After you click "Add to Shopify," here's how to publish a supplier's product live in your store.

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Quick overview:

To make your supplier partner products available for purchase, first, you'll need to publish them in Shopify on your online store.

Below, you'll find directions on how to accomplish this, along with additional merchandising steps and a go-live checklist.

Publish Products to Online Store:

Step 1: Locate the "Carro Brand Partnerships" collection in your Shopify.

After you click "Add to Shopify", Carro automatically adds the product to a new collection called "Carro Brand Partnerships" in your Shopify. This collection will house all of your Carro partner products moving forward.

Note: By default, this collection is only for organizing and won't be visible on your storefront.

The titles, descriptions, images, and other product information are automatically ported over from the Supplier's Shopify.

However, there are a few things you'll have to do before the product is officially shoppable in your store.

Step 2: Publish products to your Online Store.

A) Click on the product.

B) Click the ellipsis in the Publishing section.

C) Select ✓Online Store -> Done

Note: Carro is selected by default, but does not need to be checked (it has no impact either way).

Rather manage this in bulk? Follow Shopify's bulk editing instructions here.

3. Add to collections and navigation.

For this new product to show up where your customers are shopping, you'll want to add the product to any pertinent collections and navigation on your site.

These products will behave like any other product in your store, meaning you can feature them on your home page, add them to a subscription app, or use them for an upsell opportunity (or anything else you can imagine - tips here).

If the product is still not appearing in your store, depending on your store's configuration you may need to add product tags.

Go-Live Checklist:

1. Verify the product with your store's theme and styling.

Preview the product in your store to see if everything looks good.

Carro imports the product's information directly into your store. However, if the Supplier uses 3rd party apps or custom code for their product pages, it may need adjustment.

2. Update the product description and images.

Make sure that the product's description and images match your brand's overall tone and messaging.

Retailers have full control to edit the description and images.

3. Connect with your partner and submit a test order.

For every new partnership, we strongly recommend that you email your partner (contact information found in your Partners tab).

Once you have an open line of communication, plan a test order with your partner. This is to confirm the expected payouts and to ensure that the order flows through correctly.

If you run into any issues, please notify the Carro team using the Intercom bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at

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