Step 1: Locate the new collection.

After you click "Add To My Store" from the Directory, Carro automatically adds the product to a new collection called Carro Brand Partnerships.

Note: This collection will house all of your Carro partner products.

This collection is only for organization and won't be live on your site unless you add it manually.

The title, description, images, and other product information are automatically ported from the supplier's site. However, there are a few things you'll have to do before the product is officially launched in your store.

Step 2: Make products available to your Online Store.

Click into each product -> Manage -> ✓Online Store -> Done

Note: You don't have to add any of your partner's products to the Carro Sales Channel. Order syncing and fulfillment will still work without the product being available in the Carro Sales Channel.

3. Add to collections and navigation.

In order for this new product to show up where your customers are shopping, you'll also want to add the product to any pertinent collections and navigation for your site.

These products will behave like any other product in your store, meaning you can add them to a collection, feature them on your home page, or even use them for an upsell opportunity.

Note: If the product is still not appearing on your site after following the directions above, you may need to add product tags depending on your store's configuration.

Go Live Checklist:

1. Verify the product with your store's theme and styling.

Carro imports the product's information directly into your store, but sometimes formatting can be a little off from the other store. If the supplier's store is using apps or custom code in their product descriptions, it may look a little odd when first imported.

Preview the product in your store to see if everything looks good.

2. Update the product description and images.

You should also make sure that the product's description and images match your brand's overall tone and messaging. You can edit the description and images to match your brand better.

3. Submit a test order.

If you run into any issues, please notify the Carro team using the Intercom bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at

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