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How Are Returns & Refunds Handled?
How Are Returns & Refunds Handled?

Instructions on how to process a refund for a Carro order.

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โ€‹Quick Overview
โ€‹Steps to Refund Carro Orders

Quick Overview:

Retailers need approval from their supplier partner before they can issue a refund for an order already fulfilled by the supplier.

The Line Item refund option in Shopify (highlighted below) can be used by both Retailers and Suppliers to refund Carro orders. It will automatically refund the full amount charged to the retailer's credit card* (supplier cut) and everything but shipping charges to the customer. Retailers have the option to refund shipping.

Dollar-specific refunds are not supported for Carro orders. Note that the cost of shipping is not included in this policy.

Before refunding an order, Retailers should always confirm with their Supplier that the refund is approved. This is to ensure that each party's terms and conditions are met before the payment is returned.

Steps to Refund Carro Orders:

  1. Locate the order that you want to refund in your Shopify account.

  2. Click on the "Refund" button for that order.

  3. Using the Line Item method, select all or only specific products you would like to refund.

  4. (Optional) Refund shipping costs.

  5. Submit the refund.

Support Communication Recommendation:

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the supplier controls their return/refund policies for orders that include their products. We recommend that the supplier handles customer service questions/requests about their products. If the retailer receives a refund request or a support question for a partner product, the retailer should pass the request to the supplier's customer service team.

To streamline this process, we suggest that you provide your customer service team with a list of the products that are sold by partners in your store and the partner's contact info. This will assist them in directing customers when anyone calls or emails with a question. When replying to a customer service email, you can also CC the supplier's customer service team in the reply, and let the customer know that they'll handle the request from there.

*Note: The supplier's cut is fully refunded, but Carro's 5-10% usage fee is not refunded to the retailer.

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