Processing a Refund:

Both the retailer and the supplier can trigger a refund in their Shopify admin by clicking "Refund" as you would for any order.

Retailers should always confirm with their partners before refunding an order to make sure that the supplier is OK with refunding the customer.

PLEASE NOTE that you must refund the Line Item (method 1 highlighted below), not the Dollar Amount (method 2). Carro refunds do not work if Method 2 is used.

If the retailer or the supplier triggers the refund, it will refund the amount charged to the retailer's credit card (wholesale cost) and will refund the customer in full, automatically.

Customers are not refunded for shipping automatically, but the retailer still has the option to refund shipping if they choose. Taxes will be refunded automatically.

NOTE: The retailer will not be refunded for Carro's 5%.

Support Communication:

We recommend that the supplier handles all customer service questions pertaining to their products, as the supplier controls their return/refund policies. If a retailer receives a request pertaining to a partner product, they should pass the request to the supplier's customer service team.

To streamline this process, we suggest that you provide your customer service team with a list of the products that are sold by partners on your store and the partner's contact info. This will assist them in directing customers when anyone calls or emails with a question. When replying to a customer service email, you can also CC the supplier's customer service team in the reply, and let the customer know that they'll handle the request from here.

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