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As a Retailer, How Can I Cancel a Partnership?
As a Retailer, How Can I Cancel a Partnership?

For retailers, here's how to remove a Carro partner.

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Quick Overview:

Retailers have the ability to remove supplier partnerships.

Here's what happens when you cancel a partnership:

  • Carro automatically archives all of the supplier's products on your Shopify store.

  • The supplier will be alerted of the cancellation.

  • You are responsible for working with the supplier to manage and fulfill any outstanding orders.

  • To resume the partnership after canceling, you will need to re-request a new partnership with the supplier.

For Retailers, How to Cancel a Partnership

1. Open the Partners tab.

2. Click on the partnership to expand the partnership details.

3. Select "Cancel Partnership".

4. Check the box and click "Cancel Partnership".

5. Complete!

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