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Can I Search the Directory by Product?
Can I Search the Directory by Product?

Yes, with our newest update you can search for specific products.

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If you're looking to discover a specific product to add to your store, now you can search the directory by product too.

Here's a quick overview:

Step One:

Head to the directory: click on the "star" icon on the left-hand navigation column.

Step Two:

Type in the search bar at the top to discover brands or products to add to your store.

For example, try searching "pants". Watch as all of the pants available in the Carro network appear for you to either request access to or begin adding right away.

Here's a Few Tips:

1. When searching by category, filter by either products or brands.

2. Filter results by "You Have Access" to see products you can add to your store instantly. Use "All" to also include products you can request access to by messaging a brand to start a partnership.

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