Whenever you update your Carro subscription, you may see Usage Charges as part of the cost of your subscription in Shopify:

Shopify usage charges are charges associated with an app's 30-day billing cycle and represent charges for app usage events. For Carro users, these charges represent Carro's 5% fee taken from each sale that we power.

These charges are technically paid by both the supplier and retailer given that the original split is always based on 95% instead of 100%, but are accounted for in the retailer's total Shopify charges at the end of each billing cycle.

For example:

25% to Retailer

70% to Supplier

+5% to Carro


100% of the sale

If the sale is $100, the retailer would receive $30, and the supplier would be sent $70 through Stripe.

At the end of the retailer's Shopify billing cycle, Carro would receive $5 from the retailer, leaving the retailer with the final agreed-upon value of $25.

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