As a Carro retailer, we want to ensure your partnerships thrive. A great starting point for this is ensuring your payment method on file will charge successfully for partner wholesale orders.

After a customer orders a product on a retailer's store, Carro processes a wholesale payment to the supplier using the retailer's card on file. If this transaction fails, the customer's order is not routed to the supplier's store, meaning the supplier can't fulfill the order.

Here are the best practices for the card that you have on file as a retailer to ensure that orders never fail:

  • Make sure the card in your retailer settings is the one you want to use for your business, not expired, and has the information entered correctly.

  • Forecast funds appropriately: If you foresee a lot of sales for partner products, be sure to keep the appropriate balance or credit limit for the card on file.

  • Be sure to use a USD card from a major card issuer. If you can, let your card issuer know that all Carro charges are approved prior to publishing your partner's products.

Below are the common causes for transaction failures, and a solution for each case:

  • Insufficient Funds - Please add funds to your available balance.

  • Flagged by Card Issuer - You'll need to contact your card issuer and let them know that all pending Carro transactions are approved, now and going forward.

  • Card Expired - The card will need to be updated with an active card.

  • Card Reported Lost, Stolen, or Frozen - The card will need to be updated with an active card.

Instructions on how to update your card can be found HERE.

If you have any questions about an order or want to verify a transaction went through, you should be able to reference the recent transaction in your bank statement or contact Carro support for confirmation.

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