As a supplier, if you lower the price of your product in Shopify, it will not lower the price of the same product in your retail partner's stores. However, when the sale occurs, the percentage of the revenue that the supplier collects will be based on the supplier's sale price, not the price at which the retailer sold it.

What this means is that the supplier will collect a lower percentage of the total sale, as the price difference would be collected entirely by the retailer.

For example: On a product that was originally $100 with the following revenue split: 70% supplier, 25% Retailer, 5% Carro, the supplier would collect $70.

If the supplier were to lower the price of that product to $90 and the retailer still has their price set at $100, the supplier will collect 70% of $90 ($63) and the retailer will earn 25% of $100.

If you're looking to host a sale on your site but are looking to avoid this situation, you will need to use a store-wide and or item-specific coupon code.

We understanding that this can be confusing, so if you have any questions, please contact support using Intercom or via email -

NOTE: If a retailer runs a sale on a supplier's product, the discount is absorbed by the retailer, and the supplier's payment is not affected.

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