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For Retailers, a Go Live Checklist.
For Retailers, a Go Live Checklist.

What you need to do before launching a partner's product on your store.

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Go Live Checklist:

1. Verify the product with your store's theme and styling.

Carro imports the product's information directly into your store, though sometimes formatting can be slightly different (from the other store.) If the supplier's store is using apps or other coding to finesse their product descriptions, they can look a little odd when first imported.

Preview the product in your store to make sure everything looks good.

2. Update the product description and images.

You should also make sure that each product's description and images match your brand's overall tone and messaging. You can edit the description and images to better match your brand.

3. Submit a test order.

If you run into any issues, please notify the Carro team using the Intercom bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, or email us at

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