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Can Retailers Run Ads on my Products?
Can Retailers Run Ads on my Products?

Can my partner run ads on my products?

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Yes, retailers are able to run ads on products supplied by Carro partners. However, Carro recommends that you confirm with your partner first, before launching any ads.

The benefits of retailers running ads on your products include increased traffic, brand awareness, sales, and customer acquisition at absolutely no cost to you.

Now you may ask, "what if I'm already running ads on my products, won't I just be competing with myself for ad space and customers?" Think of it this way, there isn’t enough money in the world to reach every potential customer, so having a retail partner run ads on your products is a huge plus in expanding your reach, and on top of that, you (the supplier) also get to keep the customer's information!

If you still don't want your partners to run ads on your products, please get in touch with your partner directly and request this, using the contact information found in your Partners tab.

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