The first step is to open Carro's Brand Directory.

Here's how:

1. Head over to Carro in your Sales Channel section of Shopify.

2. Click on the "Browse Products" button underneath the "Partner With Brands" section.

The next step is to browse the directory by Brands We Think You'll Love, Featured Carro Brands, specific categories, or search, to identify potential suppliers.

For the brands that have completed their supplier profile completely, you will see what % they are offering retailers when their products are sold.

Once you've found a supplier/product that you'd like to add to your store, just click on "View All Products."

Next, you will see 1 of 2 things on the brand's profile card:

A) "✓ You Have Access!"

You already have access to this supplier's products, meaning, with one click you can begin adding the supplier's products to your store.

B) "Request Access to Products"

You will have to request access to this brand's products before you can begin adding them to your store. Once access is approved, you will be notified via email and will receive a notification in your Carro Inbox tab.

Want to know what's next after adding the products to your store? Check out this help article:

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