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Quick Overview
Retailer Set Up Instructions:

Quick Overview:

Retailer Set Up Instructions:

1. Head over to Carro in your Sales Channel section of Shopify.

2. Click on the "Set Up" button under "Retail".

3. Fill out your contact information.

4. Pick the partnership categories you're interested in.

5. Choose your Retail subscription plan.

6. The Shopify Store Owner must approve the subscription from Shopify.

7. Add a credit card. Why do retailers need to add a credit card?

8. Update your Carro permissions.

9. The Shopify Store Owner must approve the update from Shopify.

10. Your retailer setup is now complete, you're ready to begin adding supplier products to your store.

11. Next, find products and begin adding them to your store. Need help? Check out this article.

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