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What is Carro?
What is Carro?

Why Carro? What is the value of Carro? Video + article!

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Carro helps brands work together to lower marketing costs and increase revenue by cross-selling their products with other amazing Shopify brands.

You can partner with these brands as a retailer or a supplier (or both!). As a retailer, you are selling their products on your website, allowing you to expand your product catalog and offer strategic complimentary product upsells and retargeting.

As a supplier, you are selling your products on your partners' websites, similar to a wholesaler or drop-shipping relationship. When an item sells on their site, an order is automatically created in your Shopify dashboard for you to fulfill. You’ll also acquire each customer’s information, which allows you to re-market to them directly later on.

Our platform seamlessly integrates other Shopify stores so that you can partner with other brands and sell your products in each other's stores. When a customer purchases from one brand, the process is automatic for the other brand and everyone shares in the profits.

Carro makes it easy to sell more, together!

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