Do you have products that you do or don't want brands to retail in their own stores? Now you can choose which products are available to each retailer.

By default, when you enable Brand Partnerships, all of the active products on your store will be marked as "available" on Carro.

Follow the instructions here to change the availability:

1. Go to your Products tab in your Shopify admin.

2. Select all or individual products.

3. Once selected, click "More Actions"

4. Select "Add Available Channels" or "Remove available Channels"

5. Select "Carro"

6. Select "Make Products Available" or "Make Products Unavailable"

Note: After changing the product's availability, please allow our system 1 hour to update and reflect this change on the front end.

Rather follow the directions from Shopify's support center?

Want to know which products are currently available to retailers?

Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of your Shopify dashboard, then click "Sales Channels." You'll be able to click Carro and see all the products that are currently available to retailers.

Note: Currently, product availability affects both Influencer and Brand Partnerships. If you have Product Requests turned on, then any adjustments made to product availability will affect both what an influencer can request and what a retailer can add to their own store.

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