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Quick Overview
Auto-Fulfillment Request (Default)
Delayed Autofulfillment

Manual-Fulfillment Request

Quick Overview:

By default, all retailers are set to auto-fulfillment but can be changed to manual or delayed auto-fulfillment by request. Want to make the switch? Reach out to Carro using the Intercom bubble in the bottom right-hand corner!

Auto-Fulfillment Request (Default):

When a partner's product is sold on your site, Carro automatically creates the wholesale order for the Supplier with the customer's information so they can fulfill the item. Retailers do not have to stock any of the Supplier's inventory.

Delayed Autofulfillment:

Carro's delayed auto fulfillment allows a buffer for retailers to review customer purchases as they come in before they are sent to their suppliers for fulfillment. Carro will still auto-request fulfillment, but will not do so until a certain amount of time has passed based on your preferences.

Use cases for this are verifying payment, adding/removing products from the order, or reviewing possible fraudulent purchases before sending them off to partner brands for fulfillment.

Note: You can always override the delay by manually requesting fulfillment of the order (instructions below). Manually requesting fulfillment will push the order to your supplier partner immediately.

Manual-Fulfillment Request:

When a partner's product is sold on your site and you have manual fulfillment turned on, then you will need to request fulfillment on each order:

Step 1: Click into the order and click "Request Fulfillment".

Step 2: Click "Send Fulfillment Request".

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