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For Suppliers, Suppressing Klaviyo Emails.
For Suppliers, Suppressing Klaviyo Emails.
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All Shopify emails that are normally sent to a customer will come from the Retailer. Carro automatically suppresses Supplier Shopify emails. For example, order confirmation, shipping updates, and order refunds will all come from the Retailer's Shopify email.

However, if the supplier is using Klaviyo to send order updates, the supplier will need to set up a trigger to avoid double emailing customers.

Trigger setup:

1. Add a Flow Filter to restrict the flow to only certain people.

2. Select "What someone has done (or not done)".

3. Select - Person has: "Placed {Shopify} Order".

4. Replace "At Least Once" with "Zero Times".

5. Press the +filter button once.

6. Select - Where: Source Name.

7. Select - Equals: Carro 1-Click Sales Channel Program.

8. Press "Save" to finish. Your trigger should look like the example below.

Once this trigger is set up, you can submit a test order with your partner to confirm that no order update emails are sent by the supplying brand.

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