In order to change the prices of products that are listed on your retail partner's stores without affecting the price of products native to your Shopify, you will need to create duplicates of the products within Shopify, change their prices, and make them available to Carro.

Please note, you will still have to manage these products as you would with unique products (they are not tied to the original item they are duplicated from), meaning inventory SKUs, images, etc are not synced with the original product.

If you want to keep a product at a certain price in your store but want to make it available to your Carro partners at a different price, here's how:

1) Head to your product page and duplicate the product.

2) Make your price adjustment according to how you'd like it available to retailers.

3) Now you can set the product to "Active", and make it available to the Carro Sales Channel. More on how to do that here.

4) Make your original product(s) unavailable to Carro.


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