The Mentions tab is where all of your influencer content lives. Connect your brand's Instagram account, or several accounts, to see all the influencers who have mentioned your brand. 

A mention is any photo, video, or carousel post that tags your Instagram name on the image.

Within the Mentions tab, you can sort at the top to see all mentions, or just the mentions from influencers with an approved request.

If you sort by approved requests, then each piece of content on the page will come from an influencer that you've worked with before. You can view the details of the past product request by clicking the button below the post.

Uses for the Mentions Tab: 

  • Interact with influencer content easily. Click through to the content to leave a comment or share their content to your Instagram story.
  • Check influencer content. Once you've approved a product request, you can check all the influencer content that's posted by visiting the Mentions page.
  • Find new influencers. If you go to All Mentions, then you'll be able to see influencers who are mentioning your brand. There may be a new influencer that you could partner with, who is already excited about sharing your brand! 

The Mentions tab is the best way for your brand to measure the success of your influencer marketing and see all the influencers mentioning your brand! 

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