Carro has created a system that is meant to ensure that influencers will deliver what they’ve promised, but we are unfortunately unable to guarantee that an influencer will post. Carro is built to foster relationships between influencers and brands, and we work to provide both sides with transparency and trust from those that they are working with.

Carro has developed a rating system that allows brands to give a score for the influencers that they work with. In the near future, influencers in the Carro dashboard will display an average rating, so that you can have an idea of how effective or safe it would be to work with them. These ratings can also help you keep a record of past influencer interactions.

Here are Carro’s recommendations to ensure that influencers follow through on their deliverables: 

  1. Be clear and upfront in communicating with the influencer and letting them know what is expected of them in your exchange. We do not recommend approving a product request unless you’ve communicated with the influencer already. 
  2. Provide deadlines for the influencer before the product is sent out. Influencers can specify the timeframe that content will be provided in the product request, and it is important to ensure that these deadlines align with your brand’s overall goals for the collaboration. If they don’t, you can email them to clarify.
  3. Make sure that you’re forming a genuine relationship. Carro provides the contact information for influencers because we want your relationship to extend past product requests and posting. We hope that you will foster real relationships with these influencers so that you can both benefit long-term. 

If an influencer hasn’t posted as promised: 

  1. Send an email or DM to remind them to post. It could just be a simple oversight. 
  2. Send them an email with a deadline. Let them know that you can extend the deadline, but that you need them to post by that specific date. 
  3. Let them know that their rating is affected. Their rating within the Carro system will affect their ability to find future brand partners. Your honest rating of the interaction will be averaged into their overall score, and this can affect their long-term success with Carro.

Carro is here to facilitate relationships, which is why our system is built for communication, rather than forcing brands or influencers to follow a set type of promotion. We want brands be to able to manage their relationships with influencers however they wish  and you can choose any influencer that you want to work with. In the event that an influencer doesn’t deliver, our rating system will protect you and other brands from working with influencers that don’t follow through. 

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