For all instances where an influencer is asking for a return or exchange, Carro defers to the brands and their return policies. 

We also encourage influencers to reach out to the brand directly if something doesn’t fit or arrives in unsuitable condition. Your brand will be contacted at the email associated with your Carro dashboard if there is a problem with the requested items. 

If an influencer contacts you about exchanging items, you can: 

  1. Return or exchange the items according to your existing process. You can return or exchange however you see fit. If you are still eager to work with this influencer, returning or exchanging items is the easiest way to keep the collaboration going.
  2. Offer them alternative items to create content with. You may have other items at your office that are easier to ship than items from your warehouse. Offering these could be a great solution to get excess inventory out the door and still get quality content from the influencer.
  3. Allow the influencer to exchange the items at their own expense. Having the influencer pay for shipping to help the exchange may be the right solution for your brand and the influencer will be able to get the item that they want. 
  4. Work out alternate content ideas with the existing items. If you aren’t able to return or exchange, you can offer alternative ideas to the influencer so that they can continue to create content. The influencer may be able to find a friend who can model the item, or the influencer could use the item to host a giveaway. That way, your brand still gets a mention, and the influencer can find a way to still use the item!
  5. End the collaboration. You can always end the partnership at any time if you aren’t able to proceed. If you aren’t able to resolve the problem with the influencer’s items, we ask that you let the influencer know.

Carro is not responsible for products that need to be returned or exchanged,  and it is up to the influencer to coordinate with the brand. Carro defers to the brand’s return policy in all cases, and the influencer is responsible for adhering to the brand’s guidelines.

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