Uploading a CSV email list is a simple way to increase your chances of finding an influencer to work with. 

Preparing Your CSV File

  • Download a CSV file of your email list from your email provider. 
  • Move email addresses to the first column in the spreadsheet.
  • Add titles above the data, so that the first cell in the first column reads “Email.” Even if your export already has column headers, you may need to revise the email column to say “Email.” 

Uploading Your CSV File

  1. Navigate to Data Sources within the Carro App.
  2. Click “Upload .csv” under “Import Email List.
  3. Attach your file.
  4. Carro will search for influencers based on the list you uploaded.

Once the CSV file has been uploaded and processed, you’ll be able to see the influencers Carro found in your dashboard, with the Connection to Brand marked with the email subscriber icon. 

Remember, CSV files are static lists and won’t update like Mailchimp and Klaviyo, so be sure to update your account regularly with new csv imports.

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