Quick Invites are a simple and effective way to invite influencers to partner with your brand. When you discover new influencers, you can send a personalized message to them with a link to your store that they can shop and submit product requests. 

You’ll need to have Product Requests turned on in Settings in order to use Quick Invites.

On the Invites page, you'll be able to sign in with your Gmail account.  Next, you'll be able to customize your message, and personalize it to your brand. You can even add details about current promotions, or instructions for the influencer.

Note: You need a Gmail account in order to send Quick Invites at this time.

The only required portion of this message is your product request link, which will allow the influencer to submit product requests to your brand. (You can learn more about product requests here.) If you remove the brand link from your message, you’ll need to copy and paste it back into your email.

Want to send your influencers to a particular product or collection? Paste the link into your email and add "?carro" to the end. You can then use this link instead of the Product Request Link provided above. Learn more here: http://support.getcarro.com/en/articles/3476501-can-i-send-a-product-request-link-to-a-specific-collection-or-product-for-an-influencer-to-request

Once you are satisfied with your default message, click Update to finalize. 

To send a Quick Invite, just click the Quick Invite button next to each influencer in your dashboard. Your default message will be sent to the influencer at the email address listed in the dashboard view. When the message is successfully sent, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen.

After your invitation has been sent, the influencer can respond to the email with any questions, or go directly to your store to submit a product request. 

Can I send a customized message to each influencer? 

You can keep one default message saved on the Invites page. If you would like to personalize each communication to influencers, you’ll want to use the Email Directly option by clicking the three dots on the far right of the influencer listing.

If an influencer responds, what email will it go to? 

Quick Invites are sent and received with the Gmail that you signed in with on the Invites tab. 

Why is the product request link required?

We want to ensure that every conversation between influencers and brands enables them to work together with a clear purpose. Using your brand link allows influencers to visit your store and take action right away, instead of waiting. It capitalizes on their excitement and allows brands to see what the influencers are interested in promoting. You’ll still be able to review and approve all product requests made to your brand. Once on your site, influencers will also have the necessary information to join the Carro network and begin working with you.

If you want to send your influencers to a particular product or category, you can use that link with "?carro" at the end instead of your product request link.

What if the influencer doesn’t have an email address in the Carro Dashboard? 

Quick Invites can only be sent to influencers with a valid email address. Direct Messages through Instagram can be used to contact influencers without an email address listed.

I changed the message and don’t like it, how do I get the original back? 

Next to the Update button at the bottom of the default message is an option to reset. This will recover the original template so that you can keep inviting!

I clicked the Quick Invite button too many times. What happened? 

With our one-click invite, the first click sends a message. After that, the button will be greyed out and no further messages can be sent to that influencer for 3 days. Additionally, we'll show you a time a stamp letting you know the last time you sent a quick invite to a specific influencer. 

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