If you connected all of your data sources and our initial scan was unable to identify any influencers currently interacting with your brand, don't worry! 

As your brand grows so will your influencer database on Carro! If someone with 100K followers were to buy, follow, or subscribe to you next week, they'd pop up on your dashboard. 

You can also manually import influencers to your Carro dashboard, and use all of our features! Check out this article to learn how: http://support.getcarro.com/en/articles/2950177-manually-import-influencers-to-your-carro-dashboard

Want to learn how to find influencers if you don't have existing data sets for us to scan through? Check out this article: https://blog.getcarro.com/influencers/how-to-find-influencers-as-a-new-brand/

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