Carro is an amazing way for brands to find influencers in their existing data and create partnerships that are purposeful, lasting, and successful. Even if you’re not on Shopify, you can still take advantage of the Carro software with these 5 steps.


Go to (1 Minute)

Step 2: 

Enter your email address, select “Start Free Trial”, and complete your profile (3 Minutes).

Step 3: 

Visit:, and add Carro to your Shopify store (1 Minute).

Step 4: 

Complete Carro’s onboarding with your Email list and Social Media Accounts. Upload as much or as little of your data as you like, depending on your influencer marketing goals. *Please note* you must be an admin on your Facebook page and have access to your Brand’s Instagram and email sending provider in order to complete this step. (3 Minutes)  

Step 5: 

Start connecting! After you’ve successfully completed set up, you’ll receive an email when Carro has completed its search for influencers. 

Clicking the link in the email will take you back to your Carro dashboard, where you can begin to connect with the influencers who love your brand. 

You can now download your Carro influencers from the dashboard for use with your brand outside of Shopify.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Our Customer Success department is available between 9:00am and 6:00pm, M-F PST. 

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