Ready to start sending product to influencers you've found with Carro? Our Product Request feature is the easiest way to manage product gifting to influencers! 

Rather test it your self? Just follow the quick instructions in this article:

Rather watch a demo?:

When you're on your Product Requests Tab in your Carro dashboard, you'll notice your invitation link below your stats:  

When you share that link to influencers, it takes them to your store where they can shop like any other customer would. 

Once they've added an item to their cart, the influencer will be prompted to click on the Carro dots. 

This is where the influencer will specify what content/posts they'll create for your brand, propose a timeframe, and provide all of their shipping information. Additionally, we'll ask them to log into their Instagram to verify that they have 5,000 followers (or more!). 

You can view your requests in your dashboard, where you'll get a detailed rundown of the proposed product request.

You have 9 days to approve or deny the request. If you do nothing, the request will expire. Whether you approve, decline, or let the request expire, Carro will send an email notifying the influencer of the outcome.

If you choose to approve, an order is created in your “orders” queue in Shopify, with a 100% discount and tag that it came from Carro, making tracking and organization easy. Now all your team (or 3PL) will have to do is fulfill the order to the influencer, just like you would for a normal customer.


  1. With each product request you will be able to see their best email address that they added at checkout. So  you'll have the best communication method to work out any additional details for their collaboration.
  2. Only people using your Carro link will have the opportunity to request products from your store. 
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