You’re going to have the advantage because you now have a list of influencers that already love your brand!

Once you’ve discovered the influencers that buy from you or follow you, the next step is to see which of them fits the aesthetic of your brand.

If they are already a customer or email subscriber, you’ll have their contact info to reach out to them and see if they’d like to help promote your brand. You can do so by sending one off emails, or you can use our Quick Invite feature to contact them! If they are a social media follower and you don't have their email, then you’ll want to direct message them on the social platform to see if they’d like to work with you.

“Hi _____, we noticed you’ve bought our _____, we would love to discuss how we could collaborate?”

Possible promotions include:

  • Paying nothing (influencers can promote what they’ve already bought from you, or edit a previous post to include hashtags or better links)
  • Giving free product (you can send them what you’d like them to try or promote)
  • Giving them early access (you can let them give feedback on something before it’s launched)
  • Sneak Peek, they can give a “sneak peek” or “first look” at your new product on their channel
  • Sharing revenue with them. Affiliate softwares usually provide either a discount code or referral link for their followers so that when they sell something, you can pay them a commission. 
  • Cover their out-of-pocket costs to produce content for your brand(some are happy to just get their Ubers, Equipment Rental, Studio Rental, Food, Tickets etc. covered.)
  • Visit the Brand (they can get a behind-the-scenes look at your products and brand)
  • Pay them to make custom content that you can also use.  (Remember, each influencer is an amazing content creator.)

NOTE: Remember they are the creative talent, so find out what would be exciting for them to do when discussing a collaboration.  (Way too many brands just list a bunch of demands that generally smother creativity, so be open to new ideas.)

NOTE: Think of this as a long-term relationship, not a one-time post.

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